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  • AirPlay Multiroom Player by WHAALE

    AirPlay Multiroom Player by WHAALE

    发布时间:2016-07-07 类型:影音app 版本大小:1.3.1 | 81.4 MB

    ***************** PLEASE NOTE BEFORE YOU BUY The app is only capable of playing music that is stored ON your iOS device - NO support for int

  • Men's Hairstyles

    Men's Hairstyles

    发布时间:2016-06-30 类型:生活应用软件 版本大小:2.5 | 24.7 MB

    Men’s Hairstyles is the first app that allows you to try on over 100s of different men’s hairstyles, beards and mustaches to see what you lo

  • Filth Fair

    Filth Fair

    发布时间:2017-03-02 类型:小游戏 版本大小:1.0.1 | 84.9 MB

    How Dirty are you? – Find all 331 filth related words hidden in this dazzling painting. Roll Up! Roll Up! The Filth Fair is Coming to Town

  • ▻Solitaire +

    ▻Solitaire +

    发布时间:2016-07-26 类型:扑克游戏 版本大小:2.4.4 | 33.9 MB

    This is the classic Solitaire you already know and love… with all the superb features, graphics, and animations that you would expect on you

  • Doodle Pairs

    Doodle Pairs

    发布时间:2016-08-30 类型:扑克游戏 版本大小:1.5 | 9.1 MB


  • Air Notes

    Air Notes

    发布时间:2017-03-11 类型:提高效率应用软件 版本大小:1.0 | 735 KB

    After using a lot of notepad apps, I found some problems 1. I cant edit with keyboard on a computer. 2. I have to sync to edit with keyboard

  • Abandoned Fairyland

    Abandoned Fairyland

    发布时间:2016-07-01 类型:搞笑app 版本大小:1.0 | 115.3 MB

    ••• BEST HIDDEN OBJECTS GAME 2014 ••• ••• $4.99 - $2.99 TODAY ONLY! ••• Abandoned Fairyland is a fascinating hidden object puzzle adventure

  • Real Solitaire Free for iPad

    Real Solitaire Free for iPad

    发布时间:2016-09-18 类型:扑克游戏 版本大小:2.5.2 | 210.2 MB

    Like Windows Solitaire? Youll love Real Solitaire Free HD. Designed exclusively for iPad, Real Solitaire offers stunning visuals, sounds, la

  • Solitaire Classic

    Solitaire Classic

    发布时间:2016-12-15 类型:扑克游戏 版本大小:2.4.3 | 20.6 MB

    Remember that Solitaire game you used to play on your Windows computer? Well, now you can play it again on your iPhone or iPad. Our free S

  • 安徒生童话集 Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Sto

    安徒生童话集 Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Sto

    发布时间:2017-02-08 类型:图书app 版本大小:2.5 | 6.0 MB

    ★★★共166个童话故事★★★ 包括众多家喻户晓的故事国王的新衣、丑小鸭、人鱼公主、卖火柴的小女孩、拇指姑娘等等。 安徒生童话有股令人爱不释手的魔力,深具吸引力,从面世至今已有一百多种语言流传,而迪士尼的卡通,更使其影响无远弗届。安徒生因为贡献卓著,晚年因此荣获“丹麦国旗勋章

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